Ivan Vyrypaev: “Танец Дели” (Delhi Dance) premiere

In Russian theaters not so long ago a new movie by Ivan Vyrypaev “Delhi Dance” (2012) came out. The movie recently returned from the film festival in Rome IFF Cinema XXI.
The producer of “Dehli Dance” Anastasia Ragozina remembered that during the credits at the premiere the audience gave the movie a long-standing ovation. Although, the movie has not received any awards in Rome it was noticed and surely well received.


“The movie consists of seven vignettes about a dancer, her dying mother, a hesitant lover and a ballet amateur. All subplots are interrelated with each other. Together, they form an intricate weave that can be read as a mosaic picture of life and death with constant battling between good and evil. Director and scriptwriter Ivan Vyrypaev reveals the possibility to express
something disgusting and beautiful coexisting at the same time” – Kamila Mamadnazarbekova, the participant of screening and discussion by Russian online magazine “Snob”.
All seven parts take place in a hospital bench against a tiled wall. In every part one of the characters dies and reappears again in the next episode like nothing ever happened.  In Russian site kinopoisk Marvel shared his own experience after watching this movie:

“Five heroes constantly speak about the meaning of life, trying verbally to drive away from a fear of death of a loved one. Their  words full of amazing energy fill ones ears  and stays until the very end. During credits, I found myself somehow still sitting there and thinking something important happen with me, forgetting the actors but distinctly remembering the words.”
Ivan Vyrypaev says that for him one of the most important parts of his work on “Delhi Dance” was to carefully manage every shot, every actor’s movement. The crew spent a long time editing the movie. “It was very important to put each phrase in its right way and see for what it stands and how it works in a whole.”

Original Title: Танец Дели (Tanez Dèlhi)
English Title: Delhi Dance
Director: Ivan Vyrypaev
Producers: Anastasiya Ragozina, Veta Krechetova
Screenplay: Ivan Vyrypaev
Camera: Andrey Naidyonov
Main Cast: Karolina Gruszka, Igor Gordin, Kseniya Kutepova, Arina Marakulina, Inna Sukhoretskaya
Country: Russia
Release in Russia: November 29, 2012
Year of Production: 2012
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English, Italian
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 95 min


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