Boomstarter the Russian Kickstarter


Two Russians (Ruslan Tugushev and Eugene Gavrilin) have recently (August 2012) opened a new fundraising platform called  Boomstarter (analog of American Kickstarter). The idea to start your own creative project on this platform is fairly the same. Instead of Amazon Payments,  Boomstarter works with Russian Bank “Svyaznoy” ( which also owns a leading mobile retail company in Russia). In order to start to run your campaign with Boomstarter you need to have a Russian passport, a permanent residency in Russian Federation and an opened account with Bank  Svyaznoy. Sponsors who support the creative projects must pay in Russian rubles and have a valid Russian credit card. Boomstarter helps creatives (most of whom are based in Moscow) to start their projects by meeting with them to personalize their campaign. This possibility looks attractive to me because as a creative you can meet with people “behind the scenes”. It seems especially helpful for Russians because the idea of D.I.Y(do it yourself)  projects are completely new in Russia. I would say this company has a huge potential for growth.  Geographically Russia is the biggest country in the world with tons of hidden creative potential.  I hope it will be hidden no longer, though.

So, if you are Russian, or American who happens to have a Russian passport, I would encourage you to check out this new fundraising platform at www.


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