Another successful kickstarter campaign: “Vodka, F***ing and Television” by Maksym Kurochkin

I remembered I read an ad about an American premiere of Maksym Kurochkin’s play “Vodka, F***ing and Television” in the timeline of one of my Facebook friends back to December. I highly regret missing the play because I visited Austin just several days after its last performance staged by Breaking String Theatre Co.

KurochkinMaxim Kurochkin has been called one of the most talented Russian new drama playwrights. He is known for multilingual play “Steel Will” (1999). The play won the Anti-Booker Prize. In another his play “Kitchen” (2000) he decided to retell the Nibelungen myth.

Even-though, it is not quite relevant to the major Film Career theme, I’d like to share this campaign with you.

In spite of the fact, Maksym Kurochkin had previous experience working as a scriptwriter. Maybe soon enough he decides to write another script for the movie and will make this post even more relevant:)

Here in the future you can watch for free live streaming of Russian plays from Breaking String Theater.


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