Mike Bogatyrev: Second Foray. Filming in the woods continued.

Nikon D5100

I felt that I have learned a lot on the first trip: there is no coffee shop to pop into on the lunch break in those woods; that was the obvious discovery!

Anyhow, this time I decided to try out Nikon d5100D5100 in the same environment. It’s a DSLR after all: so it could be wrapped around my neck rather then wheeled in. And the experience was very positive. I will not be first one and certainly not the last to say that video controls are designed to be un-ergonomic and clunky but the picture is something else!

Natively progressive this camera offers very accurate and crisp color representation.

Nikon D5100 vs. Sony HVRZ5

The immediate thing is looking quality is much greater than on Sony HVRZ5, so those focus pulls are very juicy. I was even surprised that the famously dreadful jello-cam so strongly associated with DSLR was not a problem at all. The tripod was a bit of an overkill for it but then, hey! I am still waiting for the matte box; follow focus and rails to come. Then there will be another trip and another update.

Times and times again I hear same old, same old: it does look different on the Internet when it comes to reviewing purchased gear.

How will it behave in the field? I will let you know soon.

This time I was coming back with a smile on the face and a shoulder still in the same place as it was!

So, enjoy my quick edit of the shots gathered (the footage is a mixture between Sony HVRZ5 and Nikon D5100) and share your thoughts

Mike Bogatyrev

The forest in the video was shot in between Burghfield Common and Mortimer villages not far from Reading, UK.


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