Mike Bogatyrev: voice over recording tips

Sorting out this voice over

Voice over. Rich and crisp, sexy and deliberate: that’s how it ALWAYS sounds in decent productions. Voice seems to pop out of the speaker. As always, the kind of question that I would ask would be: “I do I do it?” In my office or at my producer’s office or on location preferably. These places don’t tend to have a soundproof studio and I am on a tight budget too.

What’s the solution?

I used to record any voice over, in my earlier career days on Rode NTG2, then it was an all-time favorite Sennheizer ME66 with Rode pistol-grip and a softy, a truly great mic for getting out and about. And I used to go to a quiet location such as a car park (up until now I used to live in Salisbury, a small cathedral city in the south of England) and there was my booth. Not always convenient but it certainly did the trick for online news and basic corporates.

Now as always with these things I fell in love with three great quality budget things:


mic B-2 pro Behringer B2 pro, which comes in a neat little case


vocal-booth-pro-2the portable voice over booth by Editors Keys!

Dual Layer Pop Filter

dual-layer pop shield

 Dual pop-shied, a definite must-have for any voice-over recording.  A brilliant bit of kit. It could be assembled in minutes and it does provide quality sound damping good enough to record voice over.

What do I write on?

Well, at the moment my all-time favorite, field-beaten Tascam DR40, a field recorder with 2 XLR inputs. It’s a nice and quick as it writes on SDHC cards. And never to be forgotten: headphones. You would not believe me if I would tell you how many did I go through. Buying cheap and cheerful big and small, they all failed in one-way or another until I got these: Sennheizer hd25. The performance is spectacular both on location and in the studio too.

So, that was a swish-quick update on voice over. More stories will come with hilarious characters and interesting solutions. And that’s all to do with sound.

 – Mike Bogatyrev


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