What if they want MORE?

I’ve been going on about the outdoor kit a lot lately, so today I thought that its time to take a peak inside. When the project is finished, approved by the client and you are about to e-mail that lovely invoice: bang!

They want more copies.

That’s ok: 2,3, 5,6… more? Yes. More.

I have been asked to produce 90 copies ASAP. At that time I thought, well that’s no problem. But because the content was long, it took some time to burn the DVD. Buy the way, I really recommend Verbatim printable ones.

verbatimDVD technology is gradually being phased out by either online content or flash memory but some times DVDs are still in great demand.

It was approaching 4.30 AM and I was still burning. Mac book pro was the only machine I had at a time so it really screamed after about 60 odd copies. And so was I by the looks of it.

What’s the solution?

The solution was there all the time. I was only toying with an idea of getting a DVD replicator but that night brought me an ultimate verdict. It is needed. It is made by Acard and it works independently of any machines. No drivers to install, no hustle: just pop the master disk in and off we go!


And you can see how many have you burned on the little screen. Then just power it off and that’s it.

Simple things like that box are really helpful.

No more sleepless nights replicating for me now!

Well, not as long…

Mike Bogatyrev. 


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