A long and Happy Life

The 63rd Berlin International Film Festival announced the films to be shown in the main competition of 2013. This year in Berlinale, Russia will participate with a new film by Boris Khlebnikov “A Long and Happy life.” (Production Company “Koktebel”, producer Roman Borisevich known for producing films by Alexey Popogrebsky and Vasily Sigarev).
“A Long and Happy Life” was initially planned as a remake of the classic American western, “High Noon“(1952) by Fred Zinnemann with Gary Cooper as a leading character. Boris Khlebnikov (Roads to Koktebel (2003)”Free Floating” (2006) and “Help Gone Mad” (2009)) and his reliable scriptwriter Alexander Rodionov decided to retell this story freely adapting a western to the Russian reality, telling the story about Russian farmer and his enemies.

The story takes place in a remote northern village (the shooting was in Karelia near White Sea) where the main character (Alexander Yatsenko) quietly and peacefully grows potatoes on his farm and meets a local girl (Anna Kotova). Suddenly, the local authorities, and an influential local businessman like the profitable self-farming idea and plan to take the land from the main character by force. One day they come with the police, while all the nearby envious villagers take stand by the authorities. So, our farmer decides to stay along no matter what and, according to western genre, fights back against all. – kinobuzz

We await, with great hope one of the most awaited Russian premieres of the year.

Special behind the scene photos for Film Career readers by assistant director Natalia Mesherekova

foto_so s'emok_hlebnikov


hlebnikov1 Boris Khlebnikov

hlebnikov Cameraman Pavel Kostomarov


hlebnikov 3




hlebnikov4 actor Eugen Sytyi


hlebnikov14 actor Alexander Yatsenko


foto_so_ s'emok_hlebnikov

hlebnikov19 entire crew


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