Happy Birthday, Jim Jarmusch!

Today, Jim Jarmusch, one of the first independent filmmakers in the U.S and author of the well-known movies  “Dead Man” (1995), “Coffee and Cigarettes” (2003) “Dog-Ghost” (1999), “Limits of Control” (2009) celebrates his 60-year birthday. In this video from one of his workshops Jim Jarmusch gives his reasons as to why he thinks that going to film school was not for him.

Absorb nature 

Notice the small things around you 

Imagine everything else

I would say these three things are fundamental for anyone prepared to conceptualize the world as a filmmaker.

And listen …

Not many people know that Jim Jarmusch is also a great musician. His new ambient record, The Mystery of Heaven was released in November of 2012. Jim Jarmusch and Jozef Van Wissem created minimalistic composition interweaving time and space. Acoustic lute invokes some allusions with preludes from baroque era while electro guitar helps to produce a cosmic, cinematic sound.


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