“The Delivery Guy” by Andrey Stempkovsky at Rotterdam Film Festival

Разносчик/”The Delivery Guy” by young Russian cinematographer Andrey Stempkovsky participates in the 42nd Rotterdam International Film Festival.  Rotterdam is known for selecting the most radical and controversial films that indicate the weak, painful facets of our society and raise uncomfortable questions about modern life.
Alexey Stempkovsky in his first feature Обратное движение/Reverse Motion (2010) proved himself as a director of minimalistic style. In his previous movie he found beauty in simplicity with almost mathematical balance of all details.
His new movie, “The Delivery Guy”, addresses an important question: what to do if you’re broken or miserable or maybe altogether but life awaits the fastest reaction from you because in this particular moment the existence of your beloved one hinges on your decision.
Here is a movie synopsis I borrowed from the movie’s page.

Alexey lives in a small town near Moscow and delivers pizzas. One day he gets a dubious opportunity to make money for the treatment of his terminally ill father. An existential thriller and a moral parable on the problem of choice and the ambiguity of sacrifice. One thing is certain: Alexey can never pay for his father’s operation from his income as a pizza courier. Everything changes when the courier finds an envelope containing a sim card. As soon as he activates it, Alexey gets instructions to do a dangerous yet lucrative job. Alexey doesn’t hesitate a moment.

Let’s wish it a successful premiere and great attention to Russian film at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.  The main movie screenings start on Monday, January 28th to Febuary, 2nd.
“The Delivery Guy”, 90 min
written and directed by Andrey Stempkovsky
Cast: Alexander Plaksin, Darya Ekamasova, Eugeniy Tkachuk, Juris Laucinsh.
director of photography: Dmitry Ulyukaev
production design: Anton Polikarpov
sound design: Stanislav Mikheev


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