Shooting in the Snow

Shooting in the snow is a little nightmare. Especially in England. It looks beautiful, picturesque and fairytale-like. That’s until you drive or walk for a long distance.

Again be sure to wear right shoes. Even if you stand around show just crusts on your feet and before you know it gets in the shoes. So a good pair of hiking boots with two layers of socks is essential.


Snow is a little visual treat for every Brit and it doesn’t last long at all. A day, maybe two that’s if you’re lucky. So I wanted to get as much coverage as possible and I didn’t bother about the camera moves. That’s why I grabbed a very basic but surprisingly sturdy Hamma tripod. It is very quick to operate and set. And I was really surprised that was perfectly fine for video too. Of course, be sure to get a good bag for it here. The one it comes in is very too basic and I certainly wouldn’t go on a shoot with it.

Overall: a nice bit of kit if you know exactly what you are doing.


When shooting in the snow, it is paramount. Why? Because English snow is more like sleet, when it falls on any kit it forms a three dimensional puddle which sticks to it and then bleeds its way in. Lovely. In other climates snow may be crisp and dry but in those places temperature is an issue. In other words: in England treat snow like rain.

Cleaning Kit

Show gets everywhere. I am sure you’ve figured it by now. For the video below I had to clean the lens with a special cloth every two shots. And when I got back: I had to wipe it with MacBook Cleaning Kit. Read more about it here.

It is very fiddly but snow takes its toll so be sure to point the lens down unless you shoot!

Enjoy this two-minute snow edit!

Mike Bogatyrev.


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  1. John F

    Mike, Great job. I found the clip overly enjoyable. You do a great job with composition, angle, depth of field and focal point among other things. Your choice of music works extremely well with the visuals. Thanks for sharing your day in the snow.

  2. Mike Bogatyrev

    Thank you John, I appreciate your comments! Snow in England is a rare thing so capturing it is a little treat!

  3. svetlana stolyar

    Mike, it is fantastic! I live in Siberia, and I don”t like winter!
    But your snow is very tender. Thank you very much

  4. Titas

    Mike, come to Lithuania, you will have three months of snow instead of two days. Plenty of time to adjust your shots 🙂 Beautiful video.

  5. Mike Bogatyrev

    Titas and Sveta, thank you for your kind comments! Snow is a little miracle in UK and nobody really knows how to deal with it. It comes so suddenly catching everyone out. However the atmosphere was very festive that day (snowmen cropped out of nowhere!): random people were saying “Hello” to each other with greater enthusiasm than Christmas. When I was filming, some girl was having a cigarette outside a shop. She looked at me with a camera and said “Its snowing!!!!!” like I didn’t know! Something that did touch me was a very reserved Brit who stopped in the middle of the town centre, looked up into the heavens and said “Will you stop. PLEASE!” and then carried on. Although I am Russian I feel strange having absolutely no experience in filming in the snow. But here it is! And Titas: thank you for the invite:)))

  6. Great footage, editing and choice of music! Gives a great sense of serenity and the lights absolutely glow against the shots in snow! Well done!

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