Light and Quick

With a proliferation of DSLR accessories and other bits and pieces to bolt onto the camera this little thing came about – Little crane – for a price previously unheard of.

The first thing that impressed me with this kit is that its super-light. Carbon-fiber telescopic arms are apart from the usual swings enable you to tilt the camera down on the other end of the crane. It’s a move to get used to but it is very impressive as you can see from the images here


It is very quick to assemble too. Although I have played with in only in my lounge, swinging it back and forth nearly knocking the chandelier off  I have noticed how smooth and controlled the movements could be. However, I would definitely advise to strip the camera rig to its minimum. It’s a lightweight crane and can only take up to 5 kg. Rigs have a tendency to take on board everything possible so that it looks better half the time.

One thing I would say is that it’s a must-have for every DSLR filmmaker. My first field test will be taking place next week filming wood chipper. So, check it out, read up reviews on it and remember not to overload it!

Until next time,

Mike Bogatyrev.


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