Mikhail Mestetsky and his two shorts

According to kinobuzz, producer Roman Borisevich (Russian film company “Koktebel”) has showed interest to fund the first feature film by aspiring young Russian  director Mikhail Mestetsky. He is already known to Russian audiences for his two shorts with a unique sense of humor, “Legs – atavism” and “Insignificant details of the accidental episode” (both in 2011).

“Legs – atavism” (link to the movie only in Russian) is a parody of clichés used by mass television media and how they like to tell any subject in the same manner. In this short film this model is brought to absurdity in a story about a pseudo-scientist, A.A. Pahomenko, who revealed the secrets of experimental medicine and knows how to improve man’s physical abilities.

In “Insignificant details of the accidental episode” Mikhail plays on many Russian stereotypes. In particular there is a lack of public service in Russia, so if something goes wrong no one is around to help you out. This 28 minute comedy is portraying two trains stuck in the middle of nowhere in Russian South for about twenty years and its passengers spend their entire unsettled lives in these trains hoping that something is about to improve and their journey will continue. This director’s message might be easily read as an excentric methaphor on life’s organization.

From the director’s interview to Colta.ru

He and she (main characters) watch each other from two parallel parked train windows. I used the same wandering plot as was used in some form by Cortasar, Pelevin, and many others…

“Insignificant details…” has already received awards in several film festivals:

Grand Prize in Shanghai International Film Festival of 2012;

Best short in Iraq Short Film Festival in Baghdad,

Special Mention of Jury in Golden Apricot (Yerevan, Armenia)

Festival of Russian Cinema (Limoges, France)

Prize of the Guild of Film Critics & 2nd award in short program competition in   Russian Kinotavr in Sochi.

So, check it out on youtube.

Photo from short film “Insignificant details of the accidental episode”


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