At the beginning of 2013 The Centre of Documentary Cinema (DOC) started an annual international filmmaking project “Cinetrain-2013”.  This year 25 young documentary filmmakers from 15 countries took a railroad journey across half of Russia.

On their way, filmmakers -most of whom have never been to Russia- created seven short documentaries in which they presented their own interpretation about Russian stereotypes.  map for cinetrainThe road journey started in Murmansk and continued in St.Petersburg. The most interesting part awaited participants in their journey by transsiberian express from Kotlas to Tomsk and then to Irkutsk (near Baikal Lake). The organizers of Cinetrain-2013 asked participants to shoot and finish their road stories within a month.  6th of February – the date when they will present their ready docs to the public at the Centre of Documentary Cinema in Moscow.




Here are participants of all seven teams of Cinetrain-2013:

“Russian Women”
Director: Sandhya Sundaram (India)
Director of Photography: Alexey Philippov (Russia)
Sound Recording: Marcin Knyziak (Poland)

Making a toast

“Making A Toast!”
Director: Benny Jaberg (Switzerland)
Operator: Joona Pettersson (Finland)
Sound Recording: Xavier Thieulin (France)

“Russian bath”
Director: Fyodor Druzin (Russia / USA)
Operator: Luca Giberti (Italy)
Sound Recording: Tamas Jeszenzki (Romania)

“Russian Winter”
Director: Cristina Picchi (Italy)
Operator: Saulius Lukosevicius (Lithuania)
Sound Recording: Henri D’Armancourt (France)

The Lada Mystery

“The Lada Mystery”
Director: Dieter Deswarte (Belgium)
Operator: Annegret Sachse (Germany)
Sound Recording: Yulia Glukhova (Russia)

“Russian soul”
Director: Robin Dimet (France)
Operator: John Craine (UK)
Film Editing by Bernadette Tuza-Ritter (Hungary)

Director: Tristan Daws (UK)
Operator: Stephan Bookas (Germany)
Sound Recording: Vladimir Rizun (Ukraine)

Here you can take a look at some photos shot during their journey


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