Capturing the dynamics

When shooting a corporate it is tempting to put every gizmo you have on the rig or a camera for two reasons. First one is when you think it may become useful and second (probably the most common) is to impress a client.

I came back from the shoot of a corporate yesterday. At first it seemed like something that I’ve done before. Woke up at 4AM to manage a quick coffee and off I went. By the time I got there, the weather changed few times as it does but having it all done outside it was pretty cold on the whole. The corporate was about wood chipping machine in action. And that meant: dynamic. Not show some financial or a social process in a dynamic way but literally dynamic. Chips of wood flying kind of dynamic. And with that came adjustment to what the process was. It was a massive tree being taken down. Fast.

Do those people work fast! Even though they were very co-operative and were willing to do everything to help us the process was happening quickly.

When I filmed it with Sony Z5 and Nikon d5100, I had to switch from one camera to another, from one lens to another. And guess what? Cumbersome they were on the way all the time until I went pretty much hand-held. Most of the carefully-thought-through rigs and gismos just got in the way.

An ability to go light quickly is definitely worth keeping in mind that when any uncontrolled dynamic process is filmed. I went up through the foliage of the tree in a cherry picker capturing a tree surgeon with a chainsaw. A simple thing to do, but did I nearly miss few fantastic shots when I was choosing position for the crane and practicing a good swing!

At times it really pays to strip the rigs down to a bare minimum and letting yourself go invisible with the process.

Mike Bogatyrev    

Speaking of wood chipping here’s an illustration of nice edits related to dynamic capturing from a piece of wood

The Art of Making, The Carpenter from Deep Green Sea on Vimeo.


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