Arrive, connect, light the scene.

I always share my experiences with you about video shoots. It is like business-success books that businessmen read. They all know it but they just want to be told that in writing. Same here: you all know it!

This time its all shiny-corporate environment.

Getting there

Wherever you are in the world leave plenty time to get to your location. That is pretty obvious. But when shooting in London things are not quite like in the rest of UK. Once you get to the generic corporate building and your parking seem to be sorted, make sure you have a printout that it definitely was. When you have a bunch of printed emails your conversation with a receptionist will be brief.

It never seized to amaze me as to how no one knows nothing about anything when you first arrive. It took me 20 minutes to get into a car park sitting patiently in front of a barrier and waiting for my call to be transferred 3 times. It appeared to be that the person who knew about the shoot was on sick leave.

It really is nothing truly major but it should really be always accounted for.

Leave at least 30 minutes for yourself to get through receptions and various other check points.

Plenty cables

Be sure to have plenty power extension leads and a ton of adapters. Why? May you ask me as the building is buzzing with electricity. It’s simple: power points are never where you want them to be. So a good 5meter reel would be just perfect.

Then if you require playback on location, make sure you have the following adapters if you use your client’s kit:


mini-display port to VGA

mini-display port to HDMI adapter or a lead

VGA to HDMI lead or an adapter, preferably both


audio lead

Jack Cable

Your own food

Sometimes the places of your corporate shoots are like airports: palaces of neat architecture oozing with internal cafes and refreshments machines. But sometimes its a dingy little kitchen with value instant coffee and lime scale-rich cattle. Sometimes lunch may be provided, sometimes not. So it is a good idea to have a bottle of water and a home-made sandwich in a bag.


And I can’t stress enough that led lighting is the way if you are on the run. It is light and pumps out a lot of light. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. Check out some great lighting bundles here. I was really impressed with those in the showroom.

Until next time,

Mike Bogatyrev.


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