Black Magic Camera: A DSLR alternative

Here we go, this is a blog that is based not on my personal experience in the field but rather the on-line observation this time.

After experiencing a cocktail of bittersweet moments with DSLR and all that comes with is from an irritation of a jellocam to glorious bokeh on close-ups I wanted to look into an alternative.

My aim is to find a camera, which will give a great picture, an array of formats and array of outputs that will enable more kit to be plugged in. Also ideally it should be compact and preferably small. I am not into the size of the camera (having shoulder problems already) but rather into its functionality.  After all: its what comes on the screen that matters most.

DSLR Alternative

black_magic_cinema_cameraIt’s been some time that Black Magic has produced this DSLR-look-a-like but still remarkably little amount of cameramen actually has it or used it. Its not expensive: have a look here. But be sure that you will spend a lot of money (and be happy about it too) on accessories, rigs and other attachments like those here

Have a look at this video to judge the quality of the image for yourself.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Test Footage Comparison from ickxsfilms on Vimeo.

There are however some down sides and a lot is to do with ergonomics. At least DSLRs were designed to take a still shot. This one however is just a box. With a red button on the front of it. And its active side where all the inputs are is on the left. That means that its in the way when you look for a shot.  Read more on it here. This link was kindly advised to me by Paul Forte.

In conclusion

To me it’s a great camera and not an alternative design, a new way forward but simply a step up from DSLR. A great way to learn about how different lenses behave and shoot short and sweet documentaries, corporates and music videos.

Until next time,

Mike Bogatyrev.


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  1. ickxsfilms

    Thanks for showing my video! Makes it worth the effort… 🙂

  2. Mike Bogatyrev

    Its a pleasure indeed!

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