How to read screenplays using iPad

Recently I encountered a new blog Prolost where Stu Maschwitz wrote a post about how to start reading tons of screenplays using iPad applications. He is a much better expert than I  am and spent good amount of time doing research on this topic. So far, he suggests two apps: GoodReader (for $4.99) and an app from Readdle called PDF Expert ($9.99).

Here you can read how Stuart evaluates them:

PDF Expert does a lot of what GoodReader does, and it is much prettier. But I’m a little grumpy with Readdle for making me buy a new document-reading-and-management app rather than simply improving their existing one (like Good.iWare did with the orginally 99¢ GoodReader) but they recently released yet another PDF annotation app.

Compared to PDF Expert, GoodReader still feels clunky and cluttered. It’s un-Apple-like in that it excludes no features for lack of polish. But it has been getting steadily better. PDF Expert, on the other hand, is gorgeous. It’s also quite feature-rich. My favorite feature of both apps is, of course, Dropbox sync. Every time I get a new screenplay, I save it into a specific folder on my Dropbox, and then press “Sync” in GoodReader or PDF Expert. Not only do the apps load any new documents, they also save back to Dropbox my annotated copies. If I’m sharing my thoughts on a script with the writer, I’ll sit with this window open and tap each note, which takes me to the correct page. It’s a live list of things to talk about. The best notes-givers follow up an in-person or over-the-phone conversation with a emailed write-up of all notes discussed. Both apps make this wonderfully easy.


GoodReader on the left, PDF Expert on the right, both with their dismissible HUD UI’s shown.

The full version of this article What I Do With My iPad Part 3: Read Screenplays you can read here.

So, if you still wonder where you can get screenplays to upload to your iPad with new app (if you decide to install one) I would recommend you to go to Movie Scripts and Screenplays and check out this resource, it is the largest British database of screenplays.

Have you ever used any of these apps before? If yes, we would like to hear from you about your experiences. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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