BVE London: Sony NEX FS700 and Black Magic Camera.

My first impressions of BVE London were spectacular. The location was as great as a gigantic airport if not greater. One could see crowds of people pouring in to skim the latest news of the industry.

As usual, lets get to the down-to-earth kit talk:


Great kit retailers have put out all sorts of cameras on display in their dazzling multitude. Looking through the cameras 2 caught my attention and here are my impressions.

306-C5-Sony-FS700-camcorderSony NEX FS700

Price is great but the ergonomics are just not there. That is a trend that I can see taking place as the variety of shoulder rigs and supports grows. It felt very uncomfortable holding it without a rig but interchangeable lens was certainly a great feature.

A great camera for corporate productions and stuff you would put on the Internet. The great thing is that it can record slow motion with a very impressive result. Have a look at those videos by Phillip Bloom.

Gosh, did I salivate myself when I saw a shot with pebbles. And Brighton! That town means so much to me! Anyway I digress.


 BlackMagic Camera

A great camera but don’t be fooled! It requires a serous investment in a set of lenses, rig, V-battery and XLR adapters. Ergonomics-wise it is practically impossible to shoot handheld without support. And it may not be practical for shoots where a lot of footage need to be shot in a day. You will require a lot of hard drives to go through. And you’ll be part DIT, part cameraman!

Overall: great camera but be prepared to spend a lot of money on accessories and if you do corporate productions at a lower end of budgets Sony NEX FS700 may be your better option.

 Atomos Ninja2 & Samurai

And finally, if you can’t afford either of those cameras but desperately need to increase the picture quality as well as speed up your work flow there isn’t a better kit to go for than Atomos Ninja2 or Samurai. Check the outputs on your camera and learn more about those hard drive field recorders to make sure you know which one is best suited for your camera.


In the next blog I will be talking to you about networking and opportunities. Stay tuned and I hope those impressions were useful to you.

Until next time,

Mike Bogatyrev


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