How to make your own camera for pinhole style photography

Kelly Angood made her own camera with captivating design and now she is running kickstarter campaign to share her unique design & schemes with the rest of the world. Basically, everyone can make this affordable camera at home.

According to Kelly,

The camera works without a lens, instead using a simple pinhole to take photographs onto medium format film (35mm). The original design was screen printed onto recycled card and meticulously cut out by hand and constructed. I have translated my design into a beautiful and hard-wearing do-it-yourself kit so that everyone can make their own camera and learn about pinhole photography in style.

Here you can look at the example of photo made in pinhole style:


Check out Kelly’s kickstarter campaign. She created a new trend in hand-made D.I.Y. design.

What do you think about this type of inventions in design? Can they enforce the change in design of professional video&photo gear in the future?


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