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Russian filmmakers Alexander Rastorguev, Pavel Kostomarov and Alexey Pivovarov started a new experiment in web-documentary format called documentary network

The main purpose of is to examine the everyday life of ordinary people and get extremely close to the private zones of participant’s.

No longer is there a need for a cameraman to achieve this goal; participants of get a simple camcorder and shoot whatever they find captivating-diary-based-funny-annoying-etc. in everyday life. The best moments (mini-stories) are re-edited and posted online for the global Internet community and in the future the best stories will be aired on television channels.


The curious thing about this project is that the audience observes, up close, the face of an individual under extreme angles. This amplified reality with no distance or barriers shows the moments of life that vibrate and astonish, scare and amuse, an entire new universe appears in them.

According to Russian newspaper Vedomosti this project is:

The census of population by means of  cinema that used as a tool of self-exploration. It is the analysis of the entire nation.

Who are the participants of

To participate in the project all categories of people are invited: retired seniors, students, businessmen, office workers, school children. The main criterion to be picked by organizers is to be passionate and open to the new experiences.

Dmitry Kubasov (a documentary filmmaker from Marina Razbezhkina school) on why one should participate in

I am convinced that somewhere deep inside, everyone wants to be captured by camera. A man is mortal. Photography – is another thing. In the photo you’re always in the past:  5 seconds,  a month, years ago. Cinema – it is something that’s here and now.

The subjects of previous stories were a middle-aged couple looking for a way to freshen up their relationship, a young girl who takes lessons in driving school, a movie star who previously got a best actor nomination at Berlinale and now lives his own busy life, a dad babysitting his two daughters, a violinist – a director of the Moscow Music College – all characters live their lives and meet their circumstances.

In this video co-author of the project a Swiss filmmaker Antoine Cuttin, currently living in Russia, babysits with his ​​two daughters Agata (5 years) and Varya (2 months). While he is singing lullabies to his younger daughter, the older one takes her daddy’s camera and shoots her own life.

What do you think about this type of experiments with reality? Do you think is it possible that these type of projects, which explore new forms of interactions between author, heroes and audiences can change the future of documentary filmmaking?


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