Online Directories Are The Natural Place For Video Freelancers

This is a guest post by Silke Butters

SilkeLinkedINThe online community loves video and if you work in the video industry, in a firm or as a freelancer, it is important that you post your video content online. Being seen is the only way that you can be found by people looking for your skills but in such a competitive market place, it can be difficult to know where best to place your video.

Having a video portfolio on your own website makes sense but you are dependent on people finding your site. You need your site to be well placed in search engines to stand a chance and even then, you need to be lucky for the person who clicks the link to your site likes your footage, has a budget for your footage and is ready to place an order. There are a lot of variables involved when you only have your own video freelance site, which makes it important to place your video content on other sites.

Place your content where people will see it

An online directory containing the best talent of video freelancers is the ideal place for you to place your content. Rather than trying to entice the buyers and market leaders to your site, it makes sense to place your content on the website where the buyers and market leaders are visiting. Finding a great video freelancer can be a time consuming process so buyers are now using online directories which provides a great range of video directors and freelancers to choose from. Sites like are transforming the way that clients get in touch with video producers with business requests and orders.

These online directories have a great level of competition between video producers but being on the site provides every producer with a chance. After all, different customers have different tastes and different budgets which mean that there is scope for video producers to find their own niche. A good online directory is searchable on a number of different of categories or topics, which means that if you have a strength or skill in a certain area, being on a site like this can provide you with a large audience.

There are lots of benefits in online video directories

The major benefit to video producers and freelancers is the traffic of potential customers that can see their video content but there are many other great benefits from choosing online directories like including:

  • There are no adverts placed in or around your content, allowing it to be presented in the manner you intended.
  • You can connect with other video producers allowing you to network and set up future projects.
  • You can be inspired by the latest and greatest work that is taking place in video production today. Video producers are continually being inspired to create better work thanks to progress made by their peers and rivals.
  • Easy communication with potential clients.
  • Links on the directory to your own site will boost the SEO of your own site and will raise your profile.
  • Saves valuable time with respect to promotion and placing content in front of the relevant consumers.
  • Get feedback on your work and customer service, making it easier for people to buy from you in the future.

All of these benefits are worth pursuing individually so the fact that they can all be easily achieved in one handy place has to be of great benefit to video producers and freelancers. All video producers should have a portfolio to offer to potential clients and it is important that this content is given as much exposure as possible.

Hosting video content on your own site is always a great starting point but if there is no traffic coming towards your site, no one will ever get to see your work. This means you will receive no work. Placing your video content and examples of your work where buyers congregate is the most sensible business decision a video producer can make.

The market for video freelancers and producers may be highly competitive but if you believe in your work, make sure that it stands a chance. Good work will always find a way to be appreciated but by placing your video footage onto online directories such as you can greatly enhance the likelihood of your work being seen by people with power and who want to commission your work. With so many benefits to gain, this is a tool that every video producer should have at their disposal.


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