“Yes and Yes”


Valeria Gai Germanika is about to launch the premiere of her new film “Yes and Yes” and present it to the world audience of her fans in the one of the prestigious international festivals. The producers of “Yes and Yes”, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Dmitry Rudovsky and Maxim Korolev sponsored the new Germanika’s project from their own funds. Up to now they keep premiere day as well as name of the festival secret. Valeria’s first feature “Everybody Dies But Me” was selected for Canne’s Film Festival and received “Golden Camera” award for director’s debut – a highly prestigious prize for a filmmaker outside of main industry. A strong, provocative screenplay, “Everybody Dies But Me” was written by two leading Russian new drama playwrights Yuri Klavdiev and Alexander Rodionov (you can watch the full movie with English subtitles here). Rodionov also wrote a script for “Yes and Yes”. The choice for cast as a main character was made again for Agniya Kuznetsova  – (an actress with unique charisma and a wide range of technical abilities). The heroine’s boyfriend – a young contemporary artist, performed by Alexander Gorchilin, changes her life. However, the relationship cannot last and eventually they break up painting, vividly, a complete teenage love story in this serious tragedy. The disillusion in love captures unconsciousness of the main heroine. In an interview on the Russian movie site kinopoisk.ru, Agniya said:

I am playing a young girl from the outskirts of the huge Moscow  megapolis, a girl from the crowd who can be unnoticeable in the subway, she is one of thousands. She is lonely, and suddenly her first love comes to her and gets into a whirlpool all events related to her beloved

One of the most colorful scenes of the film and the most difficult in terms of technical troubleshooting was the nightmare scene seen by the heroine at the end.  Everything that seemed beautiful about the world crashes in this dream and becomes a dark side of surrealistic reality. The director wanted to finish the movie in a mysterious tone to visualize the mesmerizing inner world of sadness that keeps us far away from ordinary us.  Love changes the heroine as it changes its audience.

I look forward to the world premiere.

Here you can see behind the scenes of “Yes and Yes” with interviews in Russian.



Agniya Kuznetsova. Photo by Alexey Nikishin

Have you seen any of Valeria Gai Germanika’s films or TV series before? If yes, tell us about your experience.


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